headcanon, 6 mos later: weiss catches neptune attempting to dance; remains intrinsically superior but is not entirely humiliated by being within a 3 mile radius of his failure

headcanon, 5 yrs later: black-haired neptune who no longer dyes blue because weiss has exorcised that poser shit out of him; the dumbass goggles remain as a practical necessity but also mostly for weird sexual reasons

headcanon, 20 yrs later: political powerhouse weiss transforms schnee dust company with aid of lame-scientist-boyfriend neptune’s technological advancements; additionally by locking her shady father up somewhere in a dungeon where he is forced to watch “frozen” on repeat for all eternity

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Mirror Wolf_Arran Gregory

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Japanese Poster: And the Night Comes. Hirofumi Abe. 2014

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You don’t have the facial gravitas for a beard

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